Compounding originally began in the 19th century before drugs were produced in mass production. In today’s world, pharmacies that offer compounding services are able to work closely with individual patients and their medical practitioner to customize prescriptions to fit the needs of a patient. Those that have difficulties swallowing pills or experience an allergic reaction to a particular drug may find that compounding significantly improves their access to prescription medications.

Most pharmacies do not offer compounding and those that do often have a 24 to 48 hour wait. At Script Pharmacy, we strive to achieve same day service for most of your pharmaceutical needs. With over 35 years of experience and a growing team in the lab, not only do you receive timely service but service that you can trust.

If you think that compounding is the right fit for you, contact us to set up an appointment to discuss options with one of our knowledgeable pharmacists.

Sterile Compounding

At Script Pharmacy, our state of the art lab and equipment (such as the Laminar Flow Hood) allow our pharmacists and technicians to work in a sterile environment to create custom prescriptions for our clients. Sterile Compounding products include:

Child Friendly Compounding

At Script Pharmacy, many of our staff are parents too. They have first-hand knowledge with how challenging it can be to provide children with medications. Our compounding services are an ideal option when treating a child’s health needs. Child Friendly Compounding products include:


Children suffering from Autism can also benefit from compounding by having their medications custom made to be sugar free, lactose free and much more. Contact our highly experienced pharmacists for more information on compounding medications for children with autism.

Non-Sterile Compounding

Areas used for non-sterile preparations are separate and distinct from the sterile compounding environment. In these areas, non-sterile medications are prepared guaranteeing the safety, identity, strength, quality and purity of the preparation. Non-Sterile Compounding products include:

Veterinary Compounding

Pet owners know that when your family pet is ill, it can be difficult to administer medications. At Script Pharmacy, our compounding procedures can help alter the taste or form of administration, making it easier to get them on track to a speedy and healthy recovery. Veterinary Compounding products include:

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