Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic Medicine is "a distinct primary health care system that blends modern scientific knowledge with traditional and natural forms of medicine."
- Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors


Naturopathic Doctor Training and Licensing

Training for naturopathic doctors includes a university undergraduate degree, including pre-medical studies, followed by four years of full-time naturopathic medical training. Licensing in Canada requires a practitioner to graduate from an accredited Naturopathic institution followed by completion of North American standardized examinations.


Naturopathic doctors are concerned with treating the root cause of illness and disease rather than treating symptoms only. The main goal is to support the body’s innate healing potential using modalities such as nutrition, botanical medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture, homeopathy and physical medicine. Each patient has a unique combination of constitution, healing process and responsiveness to treatment, which is why Naturopathic Doctors use a holistic, individualized treatment approach. A thorough assessment is based on health history, laboratory and other specialized testing, and physical examination findings. Dr. Jackson utilizes the most current laboratory testing in addition to physical examination, in-clinic testing and a comprehensive health history to aid in appropriate diagnosis.

About Dr. Jackson

Dr. Tory Jackson is a Naturopathic Doctor with over 25 years experience in the field of natural healing and holistic medicine as a student, teacher, and practitioner.

Dr. Jackson attended the University of Calgary, completing a Bachelor of Physical Education (Biomechanics) prior to completing a 4-year doctorate program at the Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine in Vancouver, B.C. She is licensed by the College of Naturopathic Doctors of Alberta and is an active member of the Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors.

Dr. Jackson's background in health and physical fitness in addition to her training in medical sciences and naturopathic modalities provide an individualized approach to optimal patient care. Her treatment modalities include diet and lifestyle counseling, botanical and nutritional therapy, acupuncture, homeopathy and intravenous vitamin/mineral therapy. Her ongoing interest and training pursuits encompass biological medicine, biological terrain assessment and dark field microscopy.

Her practice interests encompass hormone imbalance, gastro-intestinal health, food sensitivity and allergies, weight issues and detoxification while supporting stress management and holistic health.


Naturopathic Consultation (1 hr initial visit)
This is a private consultation with the doctor. Your current health, present symptoms, personal and family health history are assessed and discussed. Lifestyle factors including diet, stress levels and exercise regime are also reviewed. Further diagnostic tests may be recommended to complete a thorough assessment. An initial treatment protocol is discussed based upon the root cause of your condition, your specific health needs and your body’s present state to safely proceed through your healing journey. We will discuss your personal health goals and the doctors requirements of your individualized program using supplements, lifestyle modifications, dietary changes and other prescribed treatments.

Follow-up Visits
This first follow up visit is approximately 30 minutes in length, and is scheduled within 2 weeks of your initial consultation. Re-assessment and revisions are made as they relate to your health progression, laboratory findings and current needs. Subsequent follow up visits are scheduled according to your health progress and in-clinic treatment visits or assessments. Phone consultations are available following an initial, in-person clinic visit only.

Supplement Review
This is a 20 min consultation to review your present supplement protocol, either self-designated or recommended by another practitioner. It is designed to explain what conditions or symptoms your supplements are indicated for, the quality of your products and safe dosing/duration questions. A cross-reference between your natural supplements and current medications may be completed to reveal interactions or depletions. This visit is an information session and therefore the doctor is unable to offer diagnostic information. If specific health concerns need to be discussed and recommendations are required, an initial patient intake by the Naturopathic Doctor is necessary.

Injection and Intravenous Therapy
Occasionally, there may be the need for additional vitamins, nutrients and immune boosting factors to be administered. The bioavailablity is greatly increased when a substance enters the circulatory system without first passing through the digestive system, as agents taken orally do. These include vitamins, minerals and specialized products to optimize nutrient levels, especially for patients with compromised digestion.

Naturopathic doctors combine several modalities to achieve the best health result according to your personal needs. The core modalities used are:


Hormone Support
Changes in hormone balance may be attributed to several causes. Diet, liver function, toxic load, glandular function and stress levels can all play a role in PMS, menstrual irregularities, menopausal symptoms, fertility issues, lack of libido and other endocrine functions. Investigating your personal hormone health status requires a comprehensive look at symptoms, lifestyle, health history combined with laboratory analysis, salivary hormone testing and physical examination. Through this evaluation a personalized treatment is suited to your needs and lifestyle.

Individual assessment on the body’s ability to detoxify is considered for each patient. Several programs are available in order to achieve detoxification (metabolic by-products or heavy metals) through dietary, botanical, physical therapy and/or homeopathic cleansing. The doctor will ensure full patient support to monitor detox symptoms and maximize detoxification, whether you are undertaking your annual cleanse or receiving heavy metal detoxification.

Body Composition
Diet and exercise are not the only factors involved in weight management. It is a complex combination of hormone balance, glandular function, food sensitivity, blood sugar regulation in addition to toxic load and stress levels. Monitoring body composition with Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) combined with optimizing hormone levels, digestion and detoxification while encouraging healthy stress and exercise levels are often necessary to achieve your weight goals.

Immune Support
Natural support is available for the entire family during cold and flu season. The doctor can provide a personalized cold and flu prevention protocol that includes an immune boosting natural flu shot (no viral content) as well as nutritional, homeopathic, botanical support and other immune strengthening suggestions to keep you healthy this winter. This protocol can also be used if your cold and flu symptoms have already started.

Appropriate testing for allergies and sensitivities are required to identify and alleviate the body from metabolic and environmental stressors. Stressors can have a tremendous effect on the reactivity of the immune system and can encourage inflammation that can be the root cause of ill health. Dietary guidance, nutritional supplementation and botanical preparations are used to decrease symptoms of an over-reactive immune response.


The following lab tests may be used to guide clinical decisions in treatment and monitor your progress.

Salivary Hormone Testing
Is a useful method in determining hormonal imbalances. This test is utilized in individuals experiencing menopause, PMS, irregular menses, PCOS, fertility issues, stress, loss of libido, unusual hair growth patterns, bone loss, and more. After determining hormone levels, a treatment plan is developed to address any imbalances.

Salivary Adrenal Function Test
The Adrenal Function Panel measures levels of the adrenal hormones Cortisol and DHEA. The effects of prolonged stress on adrenal gland function and Cortisol/DHEA hormones may include the following symptoms; sleep and memory disturbances, fatigue, digestive problems, difficulty losing weight, insulin resistance, chronic allergies, chemical sensitivities and anxiety or depression. A treatment plan based on lifestyle changes and supportive nutrients is made suited to your individual needs to balance these hormones and reduce stress-related symptoms.

Food Sensitivity Testing
Different than food 'allergies', food 'sensitivities' are vague and delayed reactions to foods. This is suspected when symptoms can include fatigue, weight changes, headaches, digestive disturbances, sore joints and skin reactions. This test measures the immune response of IgG antibodies in a simple blood spot test to 95 different foods. A treatment plan involves elimination of highly reactive foods in addition to gut healing nutrients.

Vitamin D Analysis
It is estimated that up to 2/3 of Canadians have Vitamin D levels below optimal levels. Age, obesity, organ and glandular function, malabsorption issues, medication use, sun exposure and skin colour can alter our ability to produce or maintain Vitamin D levels. The 25-hydroxyvitamin D test is the most suitable molecule to test assess deficiency or efficiency of Vitamin D levels and is a simple blood spot collection.

Environmental Pollutants and Essential / Toxic Element Analysis
Certain health conditions can be associated with elevated levels of environmental toxins, such as heavy metals, parabens, phthalates, BPA and more. Urinary assessment can help determine if environmental toxins are hindering your state of health and devise a treatment plan to assist your body in eliminating toxins more efficiently.

Standard Blood Testing
Standard blood work requisition is available for each patient to evaluate complete blood count, cholesterol levels, thyroid, electrolytes and thyroid, liver and kidney function. We also offer advanced blood work to evaluate inflammatory markers, cardiovascular health, blood glucose levels and thyroid function.